Today we launch Openxmed Beta!

We are excited and proud to release Openxmed™-beta today to a select few physicians across North America.  This marks the beginning of our mission to build a community of physicians empowering one another to deliver exceptional quality care to their patients!

We want to build a better clinical resource

We know Physicians face the challenging task of keeping on top of rapidly-evolving medical evidence in their busy practices. The existing tools they currently use to keep informed are text-heavy, expensive, and often unfriendly to use at point of care. Physicians point to the need for a powerful, accessible, and easy to use tool that helps them integrate the latest in medical evidence into their decisions.  They also express their desire to be part of a community with their peers where they can express their concerns about the state of healthcare and get their specific medical questions answered.

That’s where Openxmed comes in.

We have built an open-access, free platform for physicians.  The platform helps physicians leverage the latest in technology to make rapid diagnostic and treatment decisions with their patients that are grounded in best-practice.

In the coming months, our expert team of physicians, trainees, and developers will continue to build out this platform, adding more functionality and diseases, and a forum where physicians can get their specific questions answered by a global community of their colleagues.

“The doctor-patient relationship is the fundamental building block on which health care is delivered.  As physicians, we face an extraordinary challenges to serve our patients, and a big part of this is to deliver exceptional care grounded in medical evidence.  This is a place where physicians can come together and make medicine better for our patients and for us.”, says Dr. Murphy, a cardiologist and founder of Zenxmed.

According to Dr. Christina Lang, who’s been involved with Zenxmed since the start, “The critical decisions that physicians make have a big impact on the care of a patient. Openxmed allows you to quickly identify the diagnostic and treatment approach right at the bedside, without having to wade through onerous volumes of text.”

What’s next for Us?

At Zenxmed, we believe in design-thinking and user-centered design.  For this reason, our closed beta will be done in stages, so that we can properly test, evaluate and deliver a best-in-class tool for you, based on your feedback.

We are working hard to develop and test new features, and create strategic partnerships that will empower this community of physicians.  In the coming months we plan to unveil our content management system, OpenxCMS, to the broader physician community, so that all of us can contribute in sharing the latest, high-quality evidence with our peers.  If you want join Zenxmed as a content contributor, please email us.  If you would like to be part of our beta-release program sign up on our website.  We need your feedback to make Openxmed exceptional!

From the team at Zenxmed, we thank you and everyone who has made this a reality!