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Information related to the developing COVID-19 pandemic is accruing and changing rapidly. We are enabling a community effort to write, review, and edit a comprehensive algorithm for virus treatment which can be used by all at point of care and beyond.  LEARN MORE


Bring your medical  knowledge to the front line.

Openxmed is a clinical decision platform that is powerful, intuitive, and scaleable.

Join our creators community and have your work adopted into medical programs around the world. You will learn the secrets behind creating evidence-based, interactive algorithms, and get a free account with the most advanced technology for building and delivering personalized care plans.


When you join our Creators Community you will get:

  • A free Openxmed account
  • Access to the private Facebook group
  • Exclusive invitation to our webinars

The new delivery vehicle that quickly and efficiently puts medical knowledge into practice. 

Over 200,000 medical articles are written every year; but there is typically a 17-year lag from publication to practice. Thousands of hours are dedicated to producing pathways that remain unused. Openxmed is a faster, more efficient path for putting medical knowledge into the hands of physicians.

Don’t let hard work get left behind.

  • Have your work put into practice and used by physicians in real-life scenarios
  • Help physicians make accurate decisions and deliver personalized care plans
  • Help patients better understand their diagnoses
  • Be a part of the medical community that is creating change





Openxmed provides straightforward and concise interactive algorithms that walk the physician through decisions and information needed in the moment. In a few clicks or taps, Openxmed analyzes patient data and presents a care plan. Supporting information and medical references are available for review.




Openxmed pathways utilize sophisticated logic programmed by specialist-authors exclusively for the platform. Inputs are evaluated and compared, and used to build a care plan or proceed to another algorithm.

Personalized Care Plan

The application of algorithm logic provides the physician with nuanced recommendations for the patient. The route to the plan is displayed clearly for reference. Decisions and inputs can be changed, or the pathway can be browsed in sequence to get a sense of its scope and approach.






Behind the scenes, Openxmed uses patient data to calculate outcomes and provide care recommendations. Our authoring tool can be used to regionalize or customize algorithms, or create new ones from scratch.


Have your work adopted in medical programs around the world.

By signing up for our creators community you'll get a free account with Openxmed, access to our private facebook group and invited to exclusive webinars where you'll learn the secrets behind creating evidence based digital care plans and interactive algorithms.