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At Openxmed, our goal is to deliver up-to-date information to frontline physicians quickly and effectively. Our interactive algorithms provide step-by-step assessment, diagnosis, and treatment plans for patients.

Information related to the developing COVID-19 pandemic is accruing and changing rapidly. We are enabling a community effort to write, review, and edit a comprehensive algorithm for virus treatment which can be used at the point of care and beyond.

This is a chance to get involved with your fellow physicians and make this work as robust as possible. Let’s help each other through what promises to be a challenging time by putting together a tool that will help make the right diagnosis quickly.

If you have information, experience, or interest in the diagnosis and treatment of COVID-19, please join us!

This video contains information on:

  1. How to access the COVID-19 algorithm
  2. How to read, contribute and give feedback on medical information
  3. How to get involved with Openxmed and make a difference


You will need to be sign-up and approved on the Openxmed platform to view these algorithms.

If you need an Openxmed account please go here:

Canada COVID-19 Algorithm
USA COVID-19 Algorithm


To ensure the integrity of our physician-led platform, we have a verification process that allows you to access to specific algorithms. If you can not access the COVID-19 algorithm but would like to please contact our support team:


In a world where information is power, we thank you for contributing and helping to stop the spread of COVID-19.

~ The Openxmed Team

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